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The Company

Prima & Co. is a modern and dynamic firm well equipped to provide a full range of consulting and accounting services to individuals, private and public sector organizations.


Our Staff

Our Staff members are qualified and experienced professionals in diverse areas of accountancy, management, economics and information technology. We are not only academically oriented, but also prior business owners, managers and directors who have gone through rigorous business challenges and have made remarkable success in our various business careers.

We assure you of a positive and a very rewarding experience in the management of your business. You are therefore welcome to discuss the need of your business with us and our dedicated team will be on hand to answer all enquires and give you all the necessary advice and support you need. For a full range of our services go to our services or you can call us directly on 02077031500 and talk with any of our consultants.

Our expertise and competences cover all of the under listed areas and cut across major industrial and commercial sectors of the economy:

Prima Company

Prima and Company as an Organization has been around for over 7 years and have been providing invaluable payroll services to contractors, consultants and freelancers with a hassle-free, compliant and profitable alternative to setting-up and running their own limited company.

Our Company solution involves considerably less paperwork and general administration compared to either running own Limited Company or working through an alternative Companies, due to our cutting edge web portal that we employ in managing our 24/7 contractors' accounts.

Why Choose Prima & Co.?

At Prima & Co. Umbrella Company, we keep your contracting life simple and stress-free so that you can spend your time and efforts elsewhere. You simply submit your time-sheets and expenses via our web portal and leave the rest to our dedicated Payroll Manager. That is all you need to do.

Derived Benefits

The benefit you derived include: Insurance cover-£20 million; full statutory employment rights; processing of payments received rather than on cleared fund; our dedication and commitment as a customer focused Umbella Company available today.

We would help contractors wishing to close their existing companies free of charge. And if you have one and would want to keep it, we would help you to complete and file the necessary returns.


Prima & Company Ltd.
222A Camberwell Road 
London SE5 0ED

Phone: +44 (0) 207 703 1500
Fax: +44 (0) 207 740 6736